We only have to look to Scripture to learn that sometimes it’s not the goliaths that get all the accolades. Sometimes it’s the humble shepherds doing God’s work, too.

Among them is the Diocese of Trenton’s Department of Multimedia Production, which once again earned recognition as a winner of the 2019 Davey Awards, which honors excellence in the field. As of 2017, the department has received eight Davey awards for a wide variety of projects.

For 2019, three silver awards were earned for two projects promoting Catholic schools in the Diocese – Giving Tuesday, which was recognized in the charitable/not-for-profit film/video category, and Citizens of Tomorrow, which garnered two awards, one in the not-for-profit commercials category and another for best videography/cinematography.

Although the awards program is not religious in mission, explained Marianne Hartman, the department’s director, its name is inspired by the biblical story of King David and his defeat as a young shepherd of the giant, Goliath. “The Davey Awards pays homage to companies and organizations with smaller budgets trying to do big things. That is exactly what we try to do with all of our productions,” she noted.

“The Giving Tuesday promo was to invite viewers to donate time, money or prayers for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Trenton on the well-known national day of giving, Giving Tuesday. Citizens of Tomorrow was a 60-second public service announcement that we hope will make parents think about the advantages of sending their child/children to our Catholic schools,” Hartman said.

The videos were central elements in the diocesan marketing campaigns promoted by the Office of Communications and Media, specifically through its websites, DioceseofTrenton.org, TrentonMonitor.com, CatholicSchoolsHaveItAll.org, and leadinfaith.org; its social media platforms and in the print edition of The Monitor Magazine.

Hartman credited the awards, in great part, to the strong collaboration between her staff, freelance partners and the diocesan Departments of Development (for the Giving Tuesday campaign), and Catholic Schools (for Citizens of Tomorrow).

Christine Prete, associate director of Development Operations, explained, “The video allowed us to highlight the way a gift can help Catholic schools to continue their mission in providing an educational experience that is rich in faith, academic excellence, service, community and athletics, which are core needs in developing a leader in faith for the future of the Catholic Church.”

As of the end of January, she said, donations had exceeded $65,000, with the largest segment of support coming from Catholic school alumni. “We raised in five weeks what was raised in all of 2018 in support of Catholic schools, and Giving Tuesday made that possible.”

Insights that formed a collective vision for the Citizens of Tomorrow project were collected from representatives of every Catholic school in the Diocese. “The Department of Multimedia Production was amazing in taking our vision and making it a reality within a few days,” said Judy Nicastro, associate director, School Services/School Data Management.

In addition, the creation of the project was possible through cooperation from some nine schools that took part in video production. “The collective effort included all our stakeholders – coaches, teachers, administration, parents, students,” Nicastro pointed out, resulting in four videos of two different lengths in English and Spanish.