The Monitor team would like to thank the many readers who took the time over the last month to tell us how much they like the new magazine format. While many of the comments were congratulatory and generally affirming, some of you mentioned specific aspects that you enjoyed:

• We learned that you liked the idea of a central theme in each issue, and that you liked the theme of Prayer in the inaugural issue.

• You told us that you like the size and found it easier to hold and read.

• You found the design engaging.

At the same time, there were a few points of constructive criticism.

A number of readers felt that the typeface was sized too small and was therefore too hard to read. We have adjusted the typeface to make it more legible.

Several wrote and called looking for long-standing features that had always been in The Monitor newspaper. It is unfortunate that with the magazine format, we aren’t able to include everything that we once did. However, we will look to connect readers online with this content as often as possible. For instance:

In Remembrance – the list of deceased priests and deacons – will now appear only online. Click on OBITUARIES. We also invite any subscriber who does not have access to a computer and wants this list to call us at (609) 403-7172 to request a printed listing sent to you by mail. We’ll be happy to send it along.

• Daily Scripture readings – Because we need to cover a month at a time, listing the daily Scripture readings would not be manageable. However, we are listing the Sunday readings with the reflections from Father Garry Koch. All of the readings are available on the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  You can find it at:

• More on Prayer – We want to return to last month’s IN FOCUS topic again to recommend a reflection that we’ve posted on our website sent in by a reader, Judy Friedman.  The piece is about the power of prayer in her life and her husband’s life, following a medical crisis.